New QCN Software Released (v.7.29), Windows 8 Compatibility

There are new versions of QCN/BOINC and QCNLive for all platforms, due to upgrades in the BOINC libraries as well as the development tools on Mac (Xcode4) and Windows (VS2010). There is no longer support for the MotionNode accelerometer, nor for the Mac PowerPC (PPC) platform (PPC Macs will still receive work but end at version 7.17). Support has been added for all accelerometers (1042, 1044, 1056). These new versions will be downloaded to your host computer via BOINC at the end of your current workunit (usually within one day). If you wish to get them now, press the “Reset Project” button on your BOINC Manager. This may also be a good time to make sure that your computer location is set via the “Computer Location Info” button.

Also, we are seeing some trouble with the JoyWarrior USB sensors (particularly the 24F14) and Windows 8. It appears to be a Microsoft issue, ie somehow they are showing the sensor correctly but the values are all “0” for x/y/z. If you are using Windows 8 or thinking of moving to it, you may want to look into an alternative sensor such as the ONavi or models, which run fun in Windows 8.