Update Project in BOINC

With the move to USC, we encourage you to update the project URL to ensure proper functionality going forward. In BOINC please detach from or and attach to project:

Detailed instructions:

  1. Open BOINC Manager
  2. Remove (or
    1. Go to ‘View’ –> ‘Advanced View’
    2. Click on the ‘Projects’ tab
    3. Click on ‘Quake-Catcher Network’ in the table to highlight the project
    4. Click the ‘Remove’ button on the left side and ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  3. Add
    1. Go to ‘Tools’ –> ‘Add project or account manager’
    2. Click ‘Add Project’ and ‘Next’
    3. Enter as the Project URL: ‘ and click ‘Next’
    4. Click the ‘Yes, existing user’ button and enter your email and password associated with the QCN project.
    5. If you have a USB sensor, check under ‘Activity’ to ensure that you are set to ‘Run Always’.